HOA Stormwater Management

Everyone in the community has a part in preventing pollutants from entering storm drain inlets where they live and work. The Stormwater Ordinance (PDF) requires certain activities to reduce pollutants. For more help, please use the available resources below.

Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

Many HOAs have maintenance responsibilities for common areas that include ponds, creeks and other stormwater features. The Stormwater Division published Maintenance Guidelines (PDF) for HOAs and other land managers to understand the best management practices for these features.

Examples of Maintenance Areas

Swales, manmade channels, act as the overflow outlet for the retention ponds on site. This type of design is referred to as a “treatment train” whereby stormwater moves through multiple water quality controls before entering the storm sewer.

Culverts can get clogged with woody debris after a large storm event. Periodic inspections of culverts are recommended. Contact City of Frisco Public Works when culverts on city streets are blocked.

A grassy swale with a concrete channel at the bottom of the slopesOutfall that has litter blocking the flow of water

Drainage & Flooding

Several city departments are responsible for different aspects of drainage, depending on the situation. For emergencies related to flooding, please call 911. For non-emergencies:

  • On or along streets and other public property, contact Public Works
  • On developed property, including buildings under construction, contact Building Inspections
  • For floodplain issues, contact Floodplain Administration at 972-292-5438
  • For all other issues, email the Stormwater Manager or call 972-292-5861