Food Establishment Scores

Health & Food Safety staff inspects food establishments on a risk-based frequency. The scores listed should be interpreted as a ‘snapshot’ of observations during an inspection. Health & Food Safety believes that viewing a history provides the best overview of a food establishment’s intent and operations. This is why you will find past actions performed at each location when expanding a selected food establishment. The actions include Health Inspection, Health Re-inspection, Courtesy Inspection, and Follow Up.


The score noted beside each food establishment provides the total score received during the most recent Health Inspection. The City of Frisco adopted the Texas Department of State Health Services Inspection Form which uses a demerit system. There are 47 items on the Inspection Form. Each item on the Inspection Form carries a demerit value of 3, 2, or 1 points based on violation severity.

The final score provides a total of the demerits. For example, a score of 12 could represent 4 violations at 3 demerits each, or up to 12 violations at 1 demerits each. The best possible score is 0 for no demerits.


A food establishment fails if it receives more than 30 demerits (31 or greater). At that time, the health inspector may close a food establishment at his / her discretion. This decision is based on the nature of the violations, the food establishment’s history of compliance, and other risk factors. Certain violations may require a food establishment to immediately close, whether or not the score adds up to 31.

When a food establishment is closed by Health & Food Safety, the front of the food establishment will display a placard or sign stating "This establishment is hereby closed by the City of Frisco, Health & Food Safety. Inquiries may contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304." A food establishment that receives a failing score will undergo one or more follow up inspections to ensure compliance with minimum standards. However, a food establishment’s original score will remain on this webpage until the next routine Health Inspection is performed.