Anyone can be a citizen scientist! Use your phone to help us record changes in the environment while you explore Frisco's natural areas.

Chronolog helps organizations crowd-source photos to create timelapse videos. Using a photo station (pictured below), anyone can take photos from a standardized point of view and submit them to be included in the time-lapse. These time lapses create new phenological records and identify shifts in seasonal patterns. They’re available to the public for uses such as research, education, and viewing enjoyment.

You can contribute to a long-term study to understand how our city's natural areas change over the seasons and years. The site stitches together the photos to create a time-lapse that shows changes over time. Everyone is invited to participate!

How It Works

  • Step 1: Find a photo station (see below for locations).
  • Step 2: Mount your phone on the bracket and take a photo.
  • Step 3: Email the photo to Chronolog using the information provided at each station.
  • Step 4: Check the Chronolog website and watch a time-lapse of everyone’s photos.

Watch this tutorial to see how it works.

Chronolog location_Grand ParkPhoto Station #1 - Big Bluestem Trail at Grand Park

Lat./Long. Coordinates: 30.585109, -94.336857

Big Bluestem Trail at Grand Park is a historic and peaceful natural area. The unpaved trail is 2.2 miles round-trip with an optional wildflower meadow loop. The Chronolog station is located along the main trail in front of the wildflower meadow. Enjoy a pleasant walk, spot exquisite plants and animals, and experience well-being by spending time outdoors in nature! 

View Big Bluestem Trail map