Food Establishment Requirements

**Note: All applications must be submitted through the Plans and Permits portal, including food establishment renewals.

 The City of Frisco has health ordinance requirements, which differ from State minimum standards.

Permit Types & Fees

Do I need a permit?

Private Events do not require a Food Establishment Permit.

Private Event - A private gathering held at a private property, where entry to the event is limited to a private invitation from an individual, or an event organization, group, club, association, or institution and the event is not open to the general public.


Before a new owner occupies a building or operates a non-fixed food establishment, all requirements of current city ordinances must be met. This means an existing restaurant and building it is in must be brought up to code if it does not meet current standards. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Equipment;
  • Fixtures such as sinks; 
  • Grease traps and interceptors; 
  • Flooring, wall and ceiling finishes; 
  • Outdoor enclosures;
  • Outside storage receptacles; 
  • Restrooms

To help in determining what permit is needed, please see the Health Application Packet provided in English and Spanish.

Change of ownership or name change only requires a Certificate of Occupancy and new Food Establishment permit.

For information on a food establishment not listed here, please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304, or via email Health and Food Safety.

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