Frisco ISD Faculty Art Showcase

Art of newlyweds
Art by Frisco ISD Teacher Wilson

The Frisco ISD Faculty Art Showcase features incredible artworks by FISD faculty members on floors 1 – 3 of the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center. The exhibition demonstrates the high level of skill taught to students in Frisco, and it is a testament to the quality of visual art in our community. 

Stay tuned for future exhibitions!

2023 Featured Artists

Ashley Ham
Carolyn Funk
Charles Buechele
Cheyenne Wilson
Emily Corral
Inita Steele
Jaclyn Seidler-Nicholls
Jessica Spinella
Kendall Eddy
Lesley Tumlinson
Patrick Neumann
Robert Draper
Ryan Rimmer
Suzanne Blair
Taylor Schwinn
Tristan Reno
Varsha Tyagi