Payment Methods

A Payment Method for Everybody

  • Web Portal

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    • Call 855-427-9525
  • Mobile Application

  • Text Message

    • To enroll call 855-427-9525, select option to 'sign up for Pay via Text'  
    • The system sends the user a text message to confirm sign up.
    • After the user confirms the enrollment, the system will send the user a text message when a new balance is available on the user's account.
    • To make a payment, the user will reply to the text with, "Pay."
      • NOTE: there is a $1.25 per transaction fee that will be charged to customer (in a separate transaction).
    • The system sends the user a confirmation text with the receipt number (Example pictured)

Pay via Text Sample Pic_1.5.23

Other Payment Methods

Payments can also be mailed, paid in person at City Hall, or automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. 

Night Drop

If you would like to drop off your payment after hours, please use the night drop box located behind the Frisco Public Library at 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard. These payments are picked up every weekday morning before 7:30 a.m.