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The City of Frisco offers free sprinkler system checkups for its residents. The program has saved Frisco homeowners millions of gallons of water and helped to keep water costs down for the entire city. To schedule a free checkup with one of our licensed irrigators, use the myFRISCO app or call us at 972-292-5800. 


Weekly Watering Advice

(based on Frisco’s weather station data)

Monday (05/10) through Sunday (05/16)

No watering is recommended this week.

Rain is in the forecast until (5/12) Wednesday!  Please keep your sprinkler system turned OFF.  

View the watering schedule map to determine your watering day.

Learn more about setting your controller.

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When Can I Water?When to Water

Check out Frisco’s Water Efficiency Plan and learn the ins & outs of watering wisely in the city.

FREE Sprinkler System CheckFREE Sprinkler Checkup

Have one of Frisco’s licensed irrigation specialists check your sprinkler system for operation efficiency.

Request Outreach MaterialsWaterWise Community

Find out what the City and your neighbors are doing in and around Frisco to conserve water.

Valve Location ServiceWinter is a good time to make repairs to your sprinkler system and ensure it is in good working order when spring arrives. A first step is to locate the sprinkler valves in your yard. The city’s irrigation team is here to help. Schedule a valve location appointment using myFRISCO app or call 972-292-5800. Appointments are available for a limited time January – April 2021.

Fall Messaging (5)Planting and watering cool season grasses is prohibited in Frisco. Overseeding often uses more than 8,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 sq. ft. of grass. Read more about Best Management Practices to save water and money.