Winter Weather Alerts/Resources

Protecting Pipes

Review these #waterwise steps to help protect your pipes during freezing temperatures:

  • Make sure your automatic sprinkler system is turned off.
  • Drain and disconnect hoses from outdoor faucets.
  • Wrap exterior hose bibs and any exposed pipes with insulation.
  • Leave under-sink cabinet doors open, especially if plumbing is on an outside wall.
  • Set interior faucets to a slight drip. Even a tiny amount of flowing water can help prevent pipes from completely freezing.

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WATCH: How can I shut off the water to my house?

One of our licensed irrigators shows you step-by-step how to find the shutoff valve in case of a plumbing emergency.  If you still cannot stop the flow, call Public Works at 972-292-5800.  If this line is busy, please call the non-emergency dispatch number at 972-292-6010.