Reinvestment Projects

Cannaday Recreation Area

This  4.7 acre park is located between Adelle R. Clark Middle School and Noel A. Smith Elementary School, near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Borchardt Drive. The design concept has been approved. Improvements to the park will include:

  •  new playground and fitness equipment
  • additional benches and picnic tables
  • sidewalk connections
  • update of irrigation
  • drinking fountains
  • new park monument sign

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2021 and last approximately 8-10 months.

Cannaday Recreation Master Plan 2021 (PDF)

Jack Hamilton Park

The 1.6 acre Jack Hamilton Park (formerly know as First Street Park) is located at the intersection of First Street and Ash Street in downtown Frisco. The 2017 Park Reinvestment Report identified First Street Park needs improvements. Reinvestment opportunities were discussed with community members in January 2018. Ideas under consideration for the master plan include a loop concrete trail, lighting, and a shade structure.

Jack Hamilton Park Master Plan 2021 (PDF)

Shepherds Glen Park

Shepherds Glen Park is located on the Shepherds Hill subdivision, between Canoe Road and Shepherds Hill Lane, adjacent to Gunstream Elementary School and Cal and Walter Wester Middle School. The 2019/2020 review of park property identified that Shepherds Glen Park needed reinvestment and improvement. Park designs will be completed Q3 of 2021. Construction is planned to start Q3 of 2021.

Improvements to the park will include:

  • a larger splash pad area 
  • larger playground elements
  • retrofitting existing shade structures and site furnishings
  • new parking areas and pedestrian paths, as well as native restorative landscape zones
  • interpretative signage and improvements to the public art area

Shepherds Glen Park Master Plan 2021 (PDF)