Ask An Irrigator

Want to master your sprinkler system, but not sure where to start? Mystified by your smart controller? What’s the difference between all those controllers, anyway? 

Homeowners across Frisco Texas are discovering that efficient landscape irrigation is essential to a sustainable landscape. "Ask An Irrigator" is designed to help residents master their irrigation system and have a beautiful landscape year round.

Waterwise Tips with the Irrigation Crew (Videos)

Presented by  City of Frisco's li irrigators 

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Emergency Shut Off Valves

I think I have a leak! How can I shut off the water? Charles is here to help show you how to find and turn off "Emergency Shut Off Valves" during these occurrences.

Testing a Hunter Controller

I have a Hunter Controller. How do I test my sprinklers? Jo is here to help demonstrate "Testing a Hunter Controller" and the importance of your irrigation system is working properly.

Testing a Rain Bird Controller

I have a Rain Bird controller. How do I test my sprinklers? Jo is here to help demonstrate "How to Test Your Rain Bird Controller". Spring is here and now is the time to focus on your irrigation system and make sure everything is working properly!