UAV Unit

The small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) utilized by the Frisco Police Department provide for a safe, advanced technological approach to law enforcement-related aerial photography.

Among its numerous applications, the sUAS aids in search and rescue, crime scene reconstruction, crash scene photography, in-progress suspect search, and surveying hazardous materials scenes.

It is the policy of the Frisco Police Department to operate the small unmanned aircraft in coordination with law enforcement officers conducting a specific mission, guided by the Public Safety Certificate of Authorization (COA) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  This policy is designed to minimize risk to people, property, and aircraft during its operation, while safeguarding the right to privacy of all persons according to the United States Constitution.

State Reporting

As required by Title 4, Subtitle B, Chapter 423, Section 423.008 REPORTING BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, the Frisco Police Department's annual report can be found here.

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