Meadow Hill Drive

Meadow Hill Drive, from Rogers Road to Preston Road, is being reconstructed as a 26 foot-wide, concrete roadway without curb and gutter. Watch a quick, informative video about the project.

As part of the Meadow Hill Drive reconstruction project, Rogers Road is closed at Meadow Hill Drive.

During this road closure, the only traffic allowed on Rogers Road south of Fisher Street will be residents who live on Rogers Road and traffic headed to the west side of Rogers Elementary School. Drivers will not be able to travel from Rogers Road to Meadow Hill Drive. All traffic exiting from Rogers Elementary must go north to Fisher Road.  In addition, traffic on Meadow Hill Drive will not be able to turn north onto Rogers Road.  Instead, drivers must use North County Road as an alternate route to Eldorado Parkway or Rogers Elementary School.  Detour signs will be posted.

View a PDF of map of the road closure.

Meadow Hill Drive continues to be limited to westbound one-way traffic from Preston Road to Rogers Road while the road is being reconstructed.  During this new closure, the only traffic allowed on Meadow Hill Drive east of North County Road will be residents who live on Meadow Hill (block numbers 7400-8200).  No other destination is possible on this road while Rogers Road is closed.

In September 2022, Meadow Hill Drive was reduced to one lane and is operating as a one-way road in the westbound direction between Preston Road and Rogers Road. It will operate as a one-way road for about a year to accommodate the removal and reconstruction of half of the roadway at a time.

During the construction project, traffic can enter the Preston Estates and Meadow Hill Estates neighborhoods by turning onto Meadow Hill Drive from Preston Road but will not be able to use Meadow Hill Drive to exit onto Preston Road. View the map (PDF)

  • Traffic leaving the neighborhood will need to use North County Road to go north to Eldorado Parkway or south to Main Street. 
  • Traffic leaving the neighborhood can also use Rogers Road to reach Eldorado Parkway.
  • Avoid using Rogers Road as a route on school days between 7 - 7:45 a.m. and 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Meadow Hill One-Way traffic flow

The scope of the project includes:

  • Drainage ditch improvements and replacement of driveway culverts. 
  • A five-foot sidewalk will be installed along the north side of the roadway. It will be approximately 450 linear feet west of Rogers Road to approximately 300 linear feet west of Preston Road.
  •  2,900 feet of an existing 12-inch water line within the project limits will be replaced. 
  • The west leg of the intersection of Meadow Hill and Preston Road will also be reconstructed to include additional turn lanes and traffic signal modifications.
  • Estimated project completion is Q3 2023.

The new plan set includes neighborhood traffic circles.  View the full set of plans.

Notes Concerning Construction Activity

Construction schedules change, sometimes with little notice, for any number of reasons. Please understand there will be changes. Construction work is dependent on the weather. Information regarding all construction timelines and activities is weather permitting. Rain will cancel most construction activity. In addition, certain activities require specific temperatures or dry weather for a previous number of days before execution. We appreciate your patience.

Motorists can use the Waze app to navigate around road closures. Click here to learn about Waze or install it on your smartphone.