E-Court Options

 You can avoid the trip and the line. We now have a safe, convenient, and effective way to serve you. You may use this e-court service to make an appearance and resolve your case. While most cases may be handled online, there are instances where you must appear before the court physically or virtually to take care of your citation.

A court staff will review all submissions for completeness and validity. Submission is not a guarantee that your request will be granted. 

Juvenile defendants (under 17 years old) are required by law to appear with a parent or guardian in open court and enter a plea before the judge. Online requests/applications for dismissal options will not be processed. 

To help the process, please remember the following:

  • Supply all required information.
  • Documents or files must be clear and readable.
  • Allow up to 5 business days for processing and response.
  • Check your email for messages from the court. 
  • Take note of any payment amount, instructions and the due date.

I represent myself and I want to:

1.    Pay my Citation Online or Check the Status of my Case 

2.    Submit a Request/Application for:

3.    Submit a Document

4.    Schedule a Court Appearance 

I am a licensed Attorney.

  1. File a Letter of Representation
  2. File a Motion or Petition
  3. Submit Signed Acceptance of Prosecutor's Offer

Request For Court Records