Living with Wildlife

Understanding Urban Wildlife

The City of Frisco has a variety of native wildlife that can be enjoyed from our backyards, parks, trails, and natural areas. It is up to all of us to protect native wildlife and their habitats. Please do not feed, touch, or attempt to catch any wildlife you find. We are visitors in their home and should view them at a safe distance. 

Sometimes living with urban wildlife can get complicated. Coyotes cross a trail in front of us, raccoons den under porches, and crows raid trash bins. How do we learn to coexist with wildlife in our city? Animal Services provides many helpful resources for Frisco residents which highlight preventative measures to reduce unwanted wildlife interactions.

If you are concerned about a potentially dangerous animal, please immediately contact the non-emergency police dispatch line at 972-292-6010.

If you find injured wildlife, please contact Animal Services, or a local Game Warden or certified wildlife rehabilitator (PDF).

Exploring Urban Wildlife

Every animal serves an important role in the ecosystem. Learn more about Frisco's urban wildlife by clicking on the pictures below, or download the Urban Wildlife Fact Sheets (PDF).

Click bobcat photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click coyote photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click bat photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click raccoon photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click duck photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click squirrel photo for fact sheet (PDF)
Click snake photo for fact sheet (PDF)
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Click deer photo for fact sheet (PDF)

Observing Urban Wildlife

You don't need fancy equipment or endless wilderness to enjoy all the beauty and relaxation nature has to offer. You can find a slice of outdoor paradise right in the middle of Frisco! Here are ways you can  get some fresh air and observe urban wildlife. 

Recording Urban Wildlife

Become a citizen scientist with iNaturalist app! Download iNaturalist onto your mobile device and take pictures of any interesting plants, animals, or wildlife signs you see outside. The app helps citizen scientists share their pictures with other members across the globe to identify and discuss what they have found. The data in the app helps fuel scientific research and gives us the opportunity to know what plants and animals live in our area.  View what citizen scientists have discovered in Frisco’s Natural Areas.

Keep Wildlife Wild

Taking steps to keep wildlife wild is the best way  you can respect native animals and keep them safe! We must ensure that our behaviors do not interfere with their natural way of life. To learn more about how YOU can protect Frisco's wildlife, watch the videos below!