Natural Areas

Texas Blackland Prairies Map - Photo Credit, Texas Parks & WildlifeThe Texas Blackland Prairie is the primary ecological region found here in north Texas. The prairie was named after its rich, dark soil and runs 300 miles from the Red River in North Texas down to San Antonio in the south.  This Texas ecoregion consists of nearly 5,000 acres, which is a small fraction of its original 12 million acres. Early settlers were attracted to this area because of the rich soils and abundant grasses which were ideal farmlands. Today, the depletion of these prairies can be contributed to farming, ranching, and urban development.

Fortunately, Frisco has several locations that allow you to experience these natural areas.  (Photo Credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Indian Blanket FlowersPrinciple Characteristics 

The ecoregion is characterized by fine textured, clay soils, and predominantly prairie natural vegetation such as Big bluestem, Little bluestem, Indiangrass, and Switchgrass. The area is characterized by humid, subtropical, continental climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average maximum temperature in Frisco occurs in August (96.1°F); the average minimum temperatures occurs in January (35.5°F) with an annual average temperature of 66.2°F. The average annual rainfall is 41.23 inches. 

Find Nature

1135 Natural Area

1135 Wildlife Preserve

Located at the intersection of Carraway Drive & Teel Parkway

Notable Features:

  • 38.6 acres
  • 3.1 mile Walk Trail
  • 2 Ponds for fishing

Beaver's Bend

Beaver’s Bend Park

5011 Legacy Drive, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

  • 26 acres
  • 1.2 mile Bike & Walk Trail
  • Pond
  • Playground
  • Parking

Boyd Park (3)

Boyd Park

355 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

  • 9.8 acres
  • Fishing pond & pier

Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt

3925 Bear Creek Lane, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

  • 77 acres
  • 2 mile Walk Trail
  • Stocked Pond for fishing
  • Wildlife Viewing Platforms
  • Parking


Freedom Meadow at Warren Sports Complex

7599 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

  • 5 acres
  • September 11, 2001 Memorial
  • Seeded with native wildflowers with the help of the Frisco Garden Club

Frisco Commons

Frisco Commons Park

8000 McKinney Road, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

  • 63 acres
  • Bike & Walk Trail
  • Stocked Pond for fishing
  • Playground
  • Parking

J.C. Grant Park

J.C. Grant Park

8220 Wade Boulevard, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features

Limestone Quarry

Limestone Quarry Park

6300 Maltby Drive, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

NW Community Trail

Northwest Community Park

1525 Gloryview Road, Frisco TX 75034

Notable Features:

teel pond

Teel Pond

Located off Teel Parkway and south of Main Street

Notable Features:

  • Fishing Pond
  • Wildlife viewing