Pet Registration

Voluntary Pet Registration Program

Getting a lost pet home to its owner is important. The more information that animal control officers have, the better chance we have of getting your pet home quicker.

If we have to impound an animal, it is taken to the Collin County Animal Shelter in McKinney. That means a drive for city employees and also a trip for you to pick up your pet.

Participate in the Program

Check with your veterinarian. Many are participating by providing the forms to register at the same time your pets are getting their rabies shots.

Benefits of Pet Registration

  • Animal Services Officers will be able to get your pet home faster.
  • Pets don't have to be transported to the shelter in McKinney.
  • You don't have to drive to McKinney to get your pet.


(1 Year)
(1 Year)
(3 Year)
(3 Year)
Not microchipped / Not spayed or neutered$7.50$7.50$20$20
Microchipped but not spayed or neutered$6.25$6.25$16$16
Spayed or neutered but not microchipped$6.25$6.25$16$16
Microchipped and spayed or neutered$5$5$12.50$12.50
Senior citizen or service animal$0$0$0$0
Replacement tag$5$5$5$5