Online Registration Process

Registering to Volunteer with the City of Frisco

Why We Require Registration
The City of Frisco tracks volunteer hours for all departments. We use this information to apply for grants, to verify community service hours and to track the growth of the Municipal Volunteer Program. In order for us to enter your volunteer hours, you must be registered in the city’s online database. By completing the online registration, you are also agreeing to the city's Release of Liability agreement.  

 To complete the required online registration:

  • Go to My Volunteer Page (opens a new browser window)
  • Look for the "Search" bar (below "Log In")
  • Type in Frisco in the "county, city or town box". Click Search.
  • Under "Search Results", select the option titled "City of Frisco" or any other department for which you are interested in volunteering (i.e. Frisco Fire Safety Town, Frisco Public Library, etc.)
  • From the next screen, select the appropriate box (upper right side of page)
  1. New Volunteers needing to register – SIGN UP
  2. Existing Volunteers needing to select City of Frisco or another organization – LOGIN

Thank you for completing our online registration. All volunteers 17 years and older will need to complete an annual background check that the City of Frisco pays for. 

My Impact App
Once you are a registered volunteer, it's easy to search and sign up for volunteer opportunities by using the My Impact App (available for Apple and Android).

Through the app, volunteers can search for opportunities at city events, as well as departments and programs (i.e. Frisco Fire Safety Town, the Frisco Heritage Museum, the Frisco Public Library, Frisco Senior Center). The app also allows a volunteer to book certain shifts and view his or her volunteering schedule.

 Contact our 
Volunteer Coordinator.

My Impact App