Ceremonial & Appearance Requests

Ceremonial Requests
The Mayor and Council of the City of Frisco welcome the opportunity to recognize the extraordinary achievements and acts of service of our residents, organizations, businesses, and employees, which make Frisco the Best Place to Live in America (MONEY Magazine, 2018). 

Ceremonial Document Guidelines – Proclamations, Certificates & Letters

  1. All ceremonial document requests should be made through the city’s Ceremonial Request Form at least 10 business days prior to the date needed. Phone, email and written requests will be directed to this form in order to obtain all necessary information.
  2. All ceremonial requests should have a specific local connection with the City of Frisco unless the request involves special significance to the City or greater community, as determined by the Mayor.
  3. All ceremonial document requests are subject to final approval by the Mayor and/or City Council. Sample wording is encouraged, but the City of Frisco and the Office of the Mayor reserve the right to edit all documents.
Appearance Requests for the Mayor and Council
To request an appearance or speaking engagement by the Mayor or a Council Member, please complete the Mayor/Council Member Appearance Request Form.

The Administrative Assistant to the Mayor and Council will contact you. Appearances are subject to the availability of the Mayor and Council Members. 4-6 weeks advance notice is suggested. 

If the request is from a member of the media, please contact the Director of Communications & Media Relations to schedule.