Contractor Information

Contractor Registration

Contractors must register with Building Inspections prior to doing work in Frisco. When registered, a "R-Number" is provided and expires one (1) year from date issued. After a contractor is registered and a R-Number is provided, a contractor is directed to "permit information online" to log in the eTRAKiT application. (Note: When a contractor attempts to login the first time with eTRAKiT, they need to select ’forgot user name & password’ to create a company password and complete a questionnaire.)

eTRAKiT allows a contractor to pay outstanding fees, search by permit number, check inspection result(s), and request inspection(s). Contractor Registrations must be paid ’in person’ by cash, check, or debit card. Below are trades that must register with Building Inspections prior to permit issuance:

  • 3rd party rater,
  • electrical contractors,
  • engineer of record (EOR) [residential only (structural / foundations)],
  • fence contractors (including retaining walls and screening walls),
  • general contractors,
  • mechanical (HVAC) contractors,
  • plumbing contractors,
  • pool contractors, 
  • sign contractors,
  • backflow contractors must register at Frisco Public Works at 11300 Research Road,
  • franchise utility contractors must register on the Right-Of-Way page,
  • irrigation contractors must register at Frisco Public Works at 11300 Research Road.

Certain contractors are exempt from fees; however, a complete Contractor Registration Application is required for retention. Contractors who retain a State license are verified through regulatory authorities, i.e., Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE), Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR), et al. 

Before working in Frisco, please submit your company’s:
(1) Contractor Registration Application,
(2) Insurance information,
(3) Copy of master’s license(s) / journeyman’s license(s), and
(4) Fees, then deliver to:
City of Frisco, Texas - Building Inspections Division  
6101 Frisco Square Boulevard, 3rd Floor (West)
Frisco, Texas 75034-3253

Note: All information is required and subcontractors must be validated prior to permit issuance to begin any work in the City of Frisco, Texas or ETJ, when applicable.

Insurance Requirements

Contractors will provide Form Acord 25 (most recent version) with insurance requirements that provide their company’s:

  • Producer (your insurance provider with all contact information, including phone number)
  • Insured (your company’s name and address)

Insurance types required are:

  • General Liability – "Commercial General Liability’ [Note: engineer of record (EOR) is required to provide with a minimum of $1 million for each occurrence],
  • Certificate Holder shall be: ’City of Frisco’ 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard, Frisco, TX 75034


This is Building Inspections’ online permit tracking system that customers may use to view permit status, request inspections, and search information, such as currently-registered contractors authorized to work in Frisco.

Inspection Requests and Inspection Cancellations

  • Online using eTRAKiT before 7 a.m. on the day of inspection
  • By telephone before 4 p.m. the business day before inspection day
  • Inspection cancellations are required before 8 a.m. To request an inspection cancellation, the assigned inspector must be contacted to discuss the cancellation fee(s) and purpose for cancellation. Building Inspector Contact Information (PDF)

Payment Options (permits only)

  • In person with a check made payable to ’City of Frisco’ at 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Frisco, TX 75034
  • Online by credit card with 2% fee assessed
  • Debit Card with PIN (debit card may not be used as a credit card; payment with VISA credit card(s) is not available)

Permit Cancellations

Permit cancellations may be requested and will be considered by the Building Official or authorized designee. A permit cancellation request shall be provided:

  • ’In person’ with reason for permit cancellation request on applicant’s company letterhead (or permit holder’s), including contact information and signature, or
  • Sent electronically using a valid contractor’s Registration Number (or permit holder’s) and email address on file at Building Inspections, including contact information and signature. (Scan as an email attachment, as required.)

Permit cancellation request may use either cancellation method listed (above) and shall include:

  • Today’s date,
  • Permit cancellation date (date the work stopped),
  • Permit Number,
  • Property address (where work is to be cancelled),
  • Reason for permit cancellation, and
  • Permit holder’s email address will be sufficient if it is from applicant who makes a permit cancellation request.
  • Following request and consideration, a permit cancellation request will be date-stamped for record retention purposes.