Frisco Athletic Center Membership Reimbursement

The Frisco Athletic Center (FAC) is part of the City's Parks & Recreation Department. This athletic facility contains indoor and outdoor amenities for you and for your family.

For all City of Frisco employees: When you decide to enroll in membership at the FAC membership desk, let them know you are a City employee and show your employee badge. The City has a reimbursement benefit that may spark your interest.

In the document section below, you can find the Employee Fitness Reimbursement Form (PDF) with details of the reimbursement program, what is required, and where you need to turn in the form.

The gym scan requirement for the Employee Fitness Reimbursement Program is 8 scans per month. Employees will only be reimbursed for meeting the scan requirement for the month and the total monthly reimbursement eligible is subject to change based off of the rate that is charged.

For questions about membership and billing, you will need to reach out to [email protected].

Highlights of the Reimbursement Program:

  • City of Frisco employees are eligible for the Resident Monthly Auto-Draft fee even if they do not reside within City limits.
  • Attend Frisco Athletic Center at least 8 times within the calendar month to earn the Monthly reimbursement. 
  • FAC Reimbursements are distributed on the 2nd paycheck of the following month.

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