New Employee Wellness Program

The City of Frisco provides the opportunity for new hires to earn wellness incentives through the City’s Wellness Program. If you are a new hire with the City and you enroll in one of the City’s medical plans, you are eligible to participate in the Wellness Program. By participating in the wellness program, you can lower the rate you pay for medical premiums. You can also earn dollars for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that can be used to pay for medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision expenses not covered by insurance.

We grandfather new hires for premium wellness incentives offered within the current calendar year. For the Wellness program, employees submit wellness actions throughout the wellness year (11/1 through 10/31). They do this to earn incentives awarded the following calendar year.

In your case, when you are onboarded with the City, you are tested for Cotinine during your pre-employment drug testing. Cotinine is a metabolite of tobacco. If you test negative for tobacco, we grandfather you for the full premium incentive in the calendar year at $65.00 per paycheck (Biometric & Tobacco-Free Incentive). This reduces how much you pay towards medical deductions on each paycheck.

If you test positive for Cotinine (tobacco) during your pre-employment drug screening, then you will earn the grandfathered premium wellness incentive (Biometric) at $20.00 per paycheck.  More details are below about important deadlines and how to earn this incentive by alternative means should you test positive

2024 Pro-Rated HRA Dollars for New Hires

  • Specifically for new hire only: To encourage you to participate in the Wellness Program, if you complete your biometric screening within the wellness year that you were hired within, we will award you HRA dollars that you can use within the 2024 calendar year. 
  • Premise Health will send the City some completion reports about screenings. If they report you got your biometrics done, we will deposit and notify Cigna about the pro-rated HRA funds in your account. You will get an email from our benefits team once the dollars have been placed in your account with Cigna. *This can take up to a couple of weeks as it depends on the reporting from Premise and the timing of the deposit with Cigna.
Benefits Effective Date2024 HRA for Completing Screening
Benefits Effective 11/1/2023 - 3/31/2024$500 HRA Dollars
Benefits Effective 4/1/2024 - 10/31/2024$300 HRA Dollars

See our Biometric Screening page for options on how to get your biometric screening completed within this wellness year.

Tested Positive for Cotinine (Tobacco) During Onboarding?

  • To earn the Tobacco-Free Premium Incentive, you must complete the City’s Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS). See timeline below for completing the RAS (Tobacco-Free Me Program)
    • Complete within 45 days of your benefits effective date - your premium incentive amount will increase by $45 per paycheck and you receive a refund for the paychecks that did not include the Tobacco-Free Premium Incentive.
    • Complete after 45 days, but prior to the deadline (October 31, 2024), your premium incentive will reflect the Biometric $20.00 per paycheck incentive for 2024 (no refund) and you earn the Tobacco-Free incentive for 2025.
    • A failure to complete the program by October 31, 2024, you do not earn the Tobacco-Free premium incentive for 2025.
  • To complete the RAS, you must complete our Reasonable Alternative Standard Program (RAS) through Cigna. The program is a minimum of 4-weeks phone coaching. You will need to wait until your benefits are effective with the City to have access to Cigna's coaching program. Details about the program can be found here: 2024 Lifestyle Management Tobacoo Coaching - Cigna Program

Actions Required to Earn 2025 Wellness Incentives:

To earn the wellness incentives for 2025, you must complete and submit biometrics to our Employee Wellness Center and test negative or completed tobacco coaching prior to our program deadline. You have until October 31, 2024 to earn the 2025 Incentives offered.

  • For Completing and/or submitting biometrics within the Wellness Year:
    • $20 per paycheck off your medical deductions. This reduces how much you pay medical plan coverage per paycheck in 2025
    • $400 for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) in 2025 
  • For Testing Negative for Cotinine (tobacco) or completing 4 Weeks of  Cigna Tobacco-Coaching within the Wellness Year:
    • $45 per paycheck off your medical deductions. This reduces how much you pay for the medical plan coverage per paycheck in 2025
    • $400 for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) in 2025

How to get Started:

Employees can schedule a biometric appointment with the Employee Wellness Center. Appointments must be scheduled through the account online. 

If you get your annual physical/bloodwork done with your own doctor, you can earn the biometric portion of the incentives by submitting a Physician form to the Employee Wellness Center. Download a copy of our 2024 Physician Form and send this to the Employee Wellness Center to earn this incentive. View our Guide to sending forms to the Wellness Center here: Guide to Adding Documents or Forms to Epic

Regarding Uniformed Fire and Police Employees:

Uniformed Fire and Police employees complete both their biometric and cotinine testing when they are onboarded with the City.  The Wellness Center will ask these staff members to complete a form to allow their biometric data to be added to the personal health record with Epic (electronic medical record). This allows these members to view their results on their own through their accounts on the Mypremisehealth mobile app. 

Important: For uniformed staff on a modified duty status and are not able to complete their annual physical within the wellness year, please ensure you schedule a separate biometric and cotinine appointment with the wellness center through your account before the wellness year ends. These separate appointments will  help you earn incentives through the wellness program and will be separate from your occupational physical with the City.