Partial Leak Credit

The City of Frisco offers a partial leak credit for billed water consumption (not based on the dollar amount) as a courtesy to our customers. A leak on the customer's side of the meter is considered the responsibility of the property owner or tenant to repair, including all costs associated with the repair.

Partial Leak Credit Qualifications:

  • The repair must have taken place within 90 days of the leak being detected;
  • The Partial Leak Credit request must be submitted within 90 days of the repair;
  • A copy of the repair invoice must be submitted with the request form;
  • Water loss due to theft, vandalism, negligence or construction damage is not covered.

Partial Leak Credit Process:

  • The Partial Leak Credit will be granted one time every 12 consecutive months;
  • The Partial Leak Credit request will not be considered until after the repair has been completed and the meter has been read. This usually happens after the next billing cycle;
  • Only (2) of the highest billed consumption affected by the leak will be evaluated;
  • Please continue to make your regular monthly payments as scheduled. Failure to maintain monthly payments will forfeit eligibility for a partial leak credit and puts the water service at risk of service interruption without further notice;
  • Any approved leak credit will be reflected on the billing statement;
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the partial leak credit to be processed.

Complete this Form

To qualify for a partial leak credit, you must fully complete the Partial Leak Credit Request Form and provide your receipt from a plumber or your receipt from the part(s) used (if you repaired the leak yourself).