Legacy Drive

​Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) to Warren Parkway

Legacy Drive, from Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) to Warren Parkway, will be widened from a four-lane divided roadway to six lanes. The plans for reconstruction and widening are nearing completion. Construction is anticipated to begin in July.

Beginning May 20, 2021, the roadway lighting circuits will be disabled, causing the streetlights to go dark.  The circuits are disabled in order to provide a safe environment for the contractor to spade or dig out the trees for relocation. During the tree relocation process, the conduit and wiring is damaged. The lighting will remain off until new lights are installed. The new lighting will become active near the end of the project.

The design plans are complete.

Town & Country Boulevard

Spring Creek Parkway to Legacy Drive

The existing lanes of Town and Country Boulevard, from Spring Creek Parkway to Legacy Drive, will be reconstructed and widened from a four-lane divided roadway to six lanes with the inclusion of dedicated on-street bike lanes. The design plans are complete, and City Council awarded a construction contract. Construction is anticipated to begin in late June.

Design plans are complete.

The Facts e-Newsletter

Staff continues to share information with homeowner associations in the immediate vicinity. The Facts newsletter provides updates on the Legacy Drive and Town & Country Boulevard projects. Read the latest issue of The Facts (May 2021)(PDF).

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Tree Relocation

The City contracted with Fannin Tree Farm to relocate trees from Legacy Drive and from the east end of Town and Country Boulevard to Coyote Park, Boulder Draw Park, Shawnee Park, Shawnee Natural Area and Bacchus Park. The tree relocation will begin May 26, 2021, and will take about one month to complete. Watch a video on Frisco's tree relocation project.

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