Legacy Drive

Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) to Warren Parkway

Construction on Legacy Drive, from Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) to Warren Parkway, is in progress. Legacy Drive will be reconstructed and widened from a four-lane divided roadway to six lanes. Watch a Progress in Motion video on the Legacy Drive Widening Project.

Traffic patterns on Legacy Drive between SH 121 and Warren Parkway  switched to the northbound side of the roadway. Single-lane travel will continue in each direction. Drivers should use caution as people become accustomed to the new traffic control patterns.

Click here to view a map (PDF) of the Legacy Drive Phase 2 Traffic Switch.

Project Timeline

Legacy Timeline

Look Ahead Schedule

Planned construction schedule and pertinent activities, including lane closures, associated with the project.

February 2023

Roadway paving  continues on the southbound lanes from Warren Parkway to SH 121.

A traffic switch is anticipated in mid-February. Legacy Drive will open to four lanes of traffic, two northbound lanes, two southbound lanes and turn lanes. The fifth and sixth lanes will remain closed while the contractor works on median lighting, irrigation and landscape. 

Work will also begin at the intersection of Warren Parkway and Legacy Drive and continue for approximately two months. Expect traffic delays in the area.

The estimated completion date of the project is Spring of 2023.  

Notes Concerning Construction Activity

Construction schedules change, sometimes with little notice, for any number of reasons. Please understand there will be changes. We appreciate your patience.

Construction work is dependent on the weather. The information we provide regarding all construction timelines and activities is weather permitting which means the work is anticipated to happen in that timeframe or the next available date when the weather allows. Rain will cancel most construction activity. In addition, certain activities require specific temperatures or dry weather for a previous number of days before execution.

Communication service outages impacting properties along Legacy Drive between the SRT and Warren Parkway can occur during construction. There are multiple parties involved including City of Frisco Engineering, the City’s roadway contractor, and privately owned franchise utility companies that have service lines buried within the Legacy Drive right-of-way. The City began preventative utility relocation coordination efforts with the franchise utility companies in 2019 and these efforts continue. Unfortunately, the specific location, owner and/or activity status of many of the service lines have been unknown or inaccurately identified in spite of best efforts of all parties involved. The City is assigning additional resources to mitigate further issues. In the event that a franchise customer loses service, the City recommends that you contact your service provider and alert City Engineering by sending an email to[email protected]. All emails will be reviewed and restoration of service will be made a priority by City personnel.

Capital Improvements Project Dashboard

 Keep up to date on all capital improvement projects currently active within the City of Frisco Engineering Services and Public Works Departments. The interactive map displays project locations, general construction timeframes and estimated construction costs.
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Landscape Gallery

The project will incorporate the new median landscaping standards which include drought tolerant plants and trees born in Texas. As one of the gateways to Frisco, the corridor near SH 121 and Legacy Drive will showcase some of these plants. View the Landscape Design Plans here.