City Leave of Absence

Under City Leave of Absence (City LOA), the City provides eligible employees up to 90 consecutive calendar days of unpaid job-protected leave for their own illness or injury. Although this leave is unpaid, employees are eligible to use their accrued leaves (e.g. sick leave) to continue receiving a paycheck.

City LOA runs concurrent with other types of leave such as Short Term Disability and Workers' Compensation. Refer to the City's Leave of Absence (PDF) policy for more information.

Eligibility for City LOA

Employees are eligible for City LOA for their own illness or injury on the first day of employment if one of the following applies:

Option 1. You are a part-time employee that does not accrue paid time off or you are a full-time employee who has been employed with the City less than 12 months.

Option 2. You exhausted Family and Medical Leave (FML). City LOA provides additional job-protected leave immediately following the exhaustion of FML.

*Note: Seasonal employees are not eligible for City LOA.