Workers' Compensation

The City’s workers’ compensation insurance is administered by the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TML-IRP). TML-IRP is responsible for investigating, determining compensability, and performing various functions related to handling an employee’s claim.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides covered employees with medical benefits, temporary income benefits (TIBs), and impairment income benefits (IIBs) due to a work-related injury or illness.

View video below for overview of how Workers' Compensation works under the City of Frisco:


The City of Frisco will provide a Supplemental Wage Benefit (SWB) [See attached PDF]. This benefit will provide you with supplemental pay so that you don't experience a loss of earnings while off work due to an on-the-job injury or illness. Texas Municipal League (TML) will issue Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs payments covering 70%) of your loss gross earnings and the City will supplement your pay (SWB) so that the amount received from TML (TIBs) and the City's SWB benefit is equal to your pre-injury or illness weekly gross earnings. Your SWB payment is provided through the regular payroll process and schedule at the City. The TIBs payment will be a weekly check from TML mailed to your home address. For additional information, please view the supplemental wage benefit link here: Supplemental Wage Continuation Letter (PDF).  The SWB benefit maximum is up to 480 hours of missed work for regular full-time employees or 720 hours of missed work for shift firefighters in a 12-month period looking backwards.

To be eligible to receive SWB benefits, the employee must have reported the illness or injury timely and adhere to the procedures outlined in the City's Workers' Compensation Policy.

Reporting a Claim

If you incur a work-related injury or illness, it must be reported no later than 30 days from the date the injury or illness occurred. The incident must be reported immediately to your supervisor or department manager, who will then complete the Employee Incident Report (PDF). This form must be emailed to [email protected]. If there is property and/or vehicle damage, the form must be emailed to [email protected].

Medical Treatment & Prescription

For non-emergency medical treatment, the City’s preferred provider is the Frisco Employee Wellness Center. See below for hours.

For injuries or illnesses that occur on weekends or after-hours, see additional providers below:

Frisco Employee Wellness Center

7589 Preston Road, Suite 400
Frisco, Tx 75034
Phone: 469-604-0800
Fax: 469-604-0808
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: 6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(Closed 12-1 p.m. for lunch and closed on City Holidays) 

Freedom Total Wellness

3550 Parkwood Boulevard, Building B, Suite 110
Frisco, Tx 75034
Phone: 972-294-5886
Fax: 214-407-8137
Monday through Thursday
8 am  to 6 pm (Closed for Lunch from 12 -1 p.m.)

Legacy ER & Urgent Care (East Location) 

16151 Eldorado Parkway
Frisco, Tx 75034
Phone: 972-731-5151
Fax: 972-369-1405
Open 24 hours/day. 7 days/week

Please note, an employee may choose any healthcare provider for their workers compensation injury or illness, so long as the selected provider accepts workers' compensation insurance and is a subscriber to the Public Subdivision Workers' Compensation Alliance (Alliance Network). Find a provider.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides life-time medical benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses. You may be entitled to impairment income benefit (IIB) payments if your physician determines you have a permanent impairment from your injury or illness.

For prescriptions, you can go to any major retail pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) and provide the pharmacist with the workers’ compensation First Fill Card (PDF). If the pharmacist is unable to fill your prescription, please contact TML-IRP immediately by calling (512) 491-2300.

Workers' Compensation Medical Bills:
When you experience an illness or injury, be sure and provide the provider with the TML billing and contact information on the First Fill Card (PDF).  If you receive a medical bill due to an injury, please forward your bill to [email protected] and include your workers compensation claim number and date of injury or illness.

Returning to Work

Modified Duty:
If you receive medical care, your physician may allow you to return to work with restrictions. If your work restrictions prevent you from returning to your regular job, the City may transfer you to an alternative position (with equivalent pay and benefits, but not necessarily equivalent duties) to accommodate your work restrictions.

24-Hour Shift Fire Personnel: You may be temporarily transferred to an 8-hour day schedule while working a modified duty position.

Full Duty:
If you do not need medical care for your injury or illness, you can return to full duty immediately. If you receive medical care, you must have a release from your physician allowing you to return to work without restrictions. Certain positions may require you to pass a physical agility test before returning to full duty.

Job Protection

Workers’ compensation leave of absence runs concurrently with other City Leave of Absence policies to include the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), City Leave of Absence (CLOA) and the Return to Work Program.  If eligible for FMLA, the leave time will count against your FMLA entitled leave. If you are unable to work all or a portion of your regularly scheduled hours for more than three days/shifts due to illness or injury, you will receive communication from the Hartford regarding your eligibility for Family Medical Leave (FMLA) or City Leave of Absence (CLOA).

Disputing a Workers’ Compensation Denial: 

If TML-IRP determines your injury or illness to be unrelated to your job at the City, you have the right to dispute your denied claim. To do so, please contact the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Denton Field Office by calling (940) 380-1400.

To learn more about employee rights and resources provided by the state, please visit the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation webpage.

Learn more about TML-IRP.  You may also call (512) 491-2300 to speak to an adjuster.

Workers’ Compensation Forms and Documents: