Mission Square (Formerly ICMA-RC)

Mission Square 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (Formerly ICMA-RC)

With Mission Square, you have the option to participate on both a before-tax basis or after-tax basis. 

457 Plan Number 302806

The 457 Deferred Compensation plan administered by Mission Square is a defined contribution plan and is similar to a 401(k) plan. Participation is optional and you can change your contributions at any time.   Full-time and Part-time employees are eligible to participate in the deferred compensation plan.

With Mission Square, you have online access to your account 24/7. With online access, you can change your deferral/contribution amount, change your investment options, change your beneficiary, and view account balances. 

Update: Mission Square has updated their website to a new secure platform. Participants and prospective participants must create new login information for their website to access their account online.  See the 457 Step-by-step guide in the forms section below for instructions on how to set up new account.

You decide on the amount you would like to contribute per paycheck to the plan and if you would like to contribute on a before-tax or after-tax basis. You choose investment options that you wish to contribute. If an investment selection is not made, your contributions will be placed in the default investment option, which will be one of the age-based TIAA-CREF lifecycle funds.  The Lifecycle funds have an investment guide path that changes as you get closer to retirement age. 

To get started, refer to the 457 Step-by-step guide below to register your online account and begin contributing.  Remember if you do not make investment selections your contribution dollars will be placed into the applicable default TIAA-CREF Lifecycle fund.

2023 Calendar Year Maximum Contributions

  • Under age 50: $22,500
  • 50 and over: $30,000
  • Required minimum distributions at age 70½

Mission Square Documents and Forms