Accident and Illness Plans

The enrollment in the Accident and Illness Plans with Unum is closed. Employees who have payroll deductions occurring for the plans are grandfathered and may continue their enrollment.

Enrolled employees who wish to cancel or make changes to their plan must contact Unum directly.
If you cancel your enrollment, you will not be allowed to sign up at a later date.

File a Claim
If you are enrolled in the plan(s) and need to file a claim, you must contact Unum at 800.635.5597. You can file a claim online.
To file a claim online, you must have an account. If you have not previously registered your account, select the file a claim link under the Employee section on the Unum website. This begins the account registration process, otherwise, log into your account at the top of the page.
After logging in, select Start a new claim in the top right hand of the page and follow the screen instructions.

Plan information
Unum - 800.635.5597
Unum Website
Unum Accident Plan at a Glance (PDF)
Unum Illness Plan at a Glance (PDF)