Message from the Co-Founders:

Hello my name is Cristelle. I am a freshman studying economics and mathematics at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. I was one of the two co-founders of Teens4Green in the summer of 2014. Ariadna and I believe there should be an organization for teens that focuses on improving the environment through various forms, both indoors and outdoors. Although I moved away for college, I am happy to see that Teens4Green is growing and developing. I hope that teens continue to care and support our community through their volunteer and support!

Adam Vazin

I am excited to be a Teens4Green Ambassador! This is a great opportunity for me to work with other students to improve the environment. I am hoping to raise Teens4Green awareness among other teens to grow participation to record levels.

SuhaniSuhani Kunam

Hi! I am Suhani, a sophomore at Liberty High School. I am really passionate about protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living because there is only one Earth and so many of us. Humans or any such consumers are actually not necessary for the Earth to thrive, so we must use the Earth's resources in a way that doesn't exceed the carrying capacity. I opted to become a Teens4Green ambassador because the platform which it provides to advocate and put things into action is phenomenal. Through this club I would like to reach out to at least the local Frisco area especially since there is such a large youth population. I am looking forward to having a wonderful year with this club.


My name is Carmen and I decided to be a Teens4Green ambassador because I enjoy participating in community events where I can help the environment. I'm excited that I can help organize these events now so we can make Frisco a more eco-friendly place. One of my goals is to promote the Three Rs (recycle, reuse, and reduce) in order to limit litter as well as air and water pollution.

NoahNoah Ranney

I am an ambassador because I want to make a difference and help the environment. My future goals are to go to a great college and potentially go to medical school.

Prisha Mehta

I am an ambassador in Teens4Green because I am passionate about taking care of the environment. Being an ambassador at Teens4Green is the perfect way for me to learn more about the environment as well as make new friends with people who strive to do the same! Not only do I want to learn more about the environment, but I want to educate others to take care of our Earth and pass on my knowledge to my friends, family, and others.

Jakob Jakob Swilley

I am an ambassador for Teens4Green because I am passionate about serving my community and mitigating damages done to the environment. I have served with Teens4Greens since 2015 and plan to participate until I graduate in 2019. I look forward to reaching out to the community to promote environmental awareness as well recruiting new members to join Teens4Green. In the future, I hope to major in engineering with a focus on environmental engineering.


I am a 13-year old and attend 8th grade in Maus Middle School. Also, I deeply believe that we should be passionate about protecting the environment because we only have one Earth to live in and for the future generations can enjoy and experience the many wonders and miracles of the environment. Lastly, Earth has given us necessities, resources, luxuries, etc., but we haven't done our part. Instead, we polluted the Earth. So to make a difference in the society for the protection of the environment, I want to improve environmental sustainability, promote environmental awareness, and encourage eco-friendly practices due to the positive health and social impacts. Primarily, I want to strive to motivate the Frisco community to become environmentally aware.


I chose to be an ambassador because I realized that we aren't doing enough for our environment. By being an ambassador, I can encourage others to give back to what gave us everything in the first place. A future goal is to have at least 15 or more of my friends/classmates join Teens4Green and have them learn about what else we can do to save the environment!

Anvitha Anvitha Makineni

I am a Teens4Green ambassador because I sincerely believe that we are the generation to cause change and create a lasting imprint in this world. I understand that the time to act is now, so we can give back to the environment what it has provided us. When we create a more sustainable planet and community, we are affecting both humans and animals as it all circles back to one another and is connected in some way. I seek to speak out advocating for others to join this cause while spreading a larger message of change throughout my school. I hope to bring this concept of preservation and natural beauty into campus courtyards and create campaigns over the upcoming year in order to develop awareness and appreciation. I strive to touch the hearts of other students with my passion to excite curiosity and their love for the environment.

Thrisha Thrisha Reddy Malireddy

The reason why I've chosen to be an ambassador is because, I've always thought the environment was something that need protection especially, since as humans we depend on the environment to stay alive while simultaneously destroying it. And the through out the times I've volunteered at teens 4 green, everyone seemed to be really nice and it seemed like a great community that I would want to be a part of.

Sai Mihit Garlanka

I wanted to be a Teens4Green ambassador because I care about the environment. The environment provides so much for us; it gives us food, lets us interact with plants and animals, and experience nature's beauty. If we want to make this last, we need to clean up NOW and change our environmental habits. We only get one Earth to live on so we need to do as much as possible to preserve it. I want to learn more about the environment and find better ways to keep our planet clean and healthy.


I became an ambassador because I wanted to truly be involved in aiding to promote the well-being of the environment. Without having someone out there telling you about opportunities where you can directly help the community to become environmentally-conscious, there wouldn't be anyone who knew about what we, as human beings, can do to make green landscapes stay green for as long as possible. I want to become someone who is passionate about saving the planet from future environmental destruction and be able to inspire others on how they can help everyone and everything in life to continue living healthily for as long as we all remain. We're reaching ever-high populations throughout the globe, and with more people on earth, there is going to be more waste and more harm to our planet than ever before. But along with that, there is more opportunity for us to gear our race to being much more eco-friendly than ever before, and we're given the opportunity to make the planet as full of life as it once was. "Vivian" itself means full of life, and just from it being my name, I feel an additional cause for me to help bring about environmental change and awareness, even if it just begins within the community, because without care for our environment, life will cease to exist since it'll be riddled away through our destructive manners of "just" throwing one plastic bag into the street, where it'll end up in waterways, or "just" putting recyclables into the trash, where they'll end up in landfills, or "just" using up natural resources, simply for our own consumer benefits. My goal is to inspire as many of my friends and others as possible, to care about what they throw away and where they put it, and what they do, as well as myself, to make sure we aren't contributing to ruining the clean waters and clean air, and causing rising sea levels, and the populations of species' going extinct, and are putting our own time and efforts into reshaping humans' old ways of mass destruction to create new ways of life where caring about our actions toward the environment is second-nature to us.


I am currently a junior in high school. I have always been an environmentally conscious person, and I love to know that I am able to make a difference by volunteering with Teens4Green to reduce the amount of waste in our community. This year, I want to share my passion as an ambassador and find ways to connect many others to opportunities to promote environmental wellness.

Emily Emily Walker

I wanted to be part of an organization that was bigger than myself and do something good for the environment. I see Teens4Green as an opportunity to give my time to help the community but it is also a place to learn new things about the environment and how to take care of it. My future goals are to engage more of the community, and get people more aware of the proper ways to recycle and care for the natural world.

Madison Madison McFarlane

I am an ambassador for Teens4Green because I truly care about our environment. I want to make a difference and prevent people from polluting to help clean up our environment. Treat our environment how you would like to be treated!

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