With medical coverage under Cigna, there are two Telehealth providers that are available to you. American Well (AmWell) and MD Live are both telehealth services that accept the Cigna medical insurance offered through the City. This service allows you to see a doctor by using your smartphone or video-enabled computer.

Through the City's medical plans, Telehealth Visit is a $10 copay. These are only for medical services only.

Some of the benefits of using the telehealth services include 24/7 access to medical care that can help with common conditions that are non-Urgent or non-ER related, the ability to get a prescription written from a doctor when appropriate, and the ability to obtain a note to excuse absences for school-aged children.

Some common conditions telehealth can help with include: 


Sinus Infections

Respiratory Problems 

Stomach Flu


Strep Throat

Urinary Tract Infection

and more...

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