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Have to Change Benefits due to a Qualifying Life Event?

If you have a qualifying life event (marriage, divorce, birth of child, etc.) and you want to make changes to your current-year benefits and elections for 2023, you have 31 days from the date of that event to notify our benefits team. Send an email to [email protected] along with supporting documentation for your qualifying life event. You can also call our benefits line and leave a voicemail. The number is 972-292-5200 and select option 3.  Information about Qualifying life events can also be found here: Life Events - Changing Benefits

For employees that have an upcoming addition to their family and want to make changes to their City benefits, please review our New Baby and Leave of Absence page

Upcoming Benefit and Wellness Events:

The City of Frisco has a few events for employees to participate in. The events listed are in partnership with the City’s Wellness Program while other events are in relation to the City's overall benefits. Some of these events have Wellness incentives tied to them while others are for informational purposes. This event table will be updated throughout the year. 

You can view our Biometric Screening Page to see other methods of completing a biometric screening for the City's Healthy Here Wellness Program.  Important! Do not wait to get this action done. The Wellness Center has a set number of appointments available and there will not be enough appointments at the end of October if everyone waits until then.

Monday, September 4, 2023Registration Opens for 2023 Frosty 5K8:00amRegistration opens for the City's Frosty 5K event hosted by Play Frisco. Prices for registration will be the lowest between 9/3/2023 through 09/10/2023. Prices increase after this date. HR incentivizes this event for full time employees. If an employee registers and completes the 5K portion of this event, HR will award a $25 gift card to the employee.Frosty 5K
Monday, October 2, 2023Last Week of Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge12:00amLog into your Healthy Here portal and report your completion of activities in your chosen area of focus. The goal is to reach 40 points before challenge end. You are allowed one week of back-reporting. Earn $25 towards the 2024 HRA for completion of this challenge.Healthy Here Portal
Sunday, October 8, 2023Last Day of Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge11:59pmIt is the last day that counts towards earning points in the Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge with Asset Health. The goal is to reach 40 activity points before this challenge is over. You are allowed a grace period of back-reporting one week. Overall, earn $25 towards the 2024 HRA for completion of this challenge.Healthy Here Portal
Sunday, October 15, 2023End of Grace Period for Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge 11:59pmThis is the last day of back-reporting allowed for the Choose Your Own Adventure challenge. 40 points is the goal to reach. Employees who reach this goal will earn $25 towards the 2024 HRA for completion of this challenge.Healthy Here Portal
Tuesday, October 31, 2023End of 2022-2023 Wellness Year11:59 p.m.The last day for employees to submit wellness actions into their Healthy Here Asset Health portal to earn incentives offered for calendar year 2024. This includes premium wellness incentives that reduce the cost of Medical coverage and HRA dollars.Healthy Here Portal
Saturday, December 2, 2023Frosty 5K9:00amPlay Frisco hosts the 2023 Frosty 5K and Merry Mile. Registration for this event is required prior to the race start. HR will incentivize the event with a $25 gift card to any full-time City of Frisco employee that registers and completes the 5K portion of this event.Frosty 5K
Sunday, December 31, 2023Last Day to Utilize 2023 Healthcare FSA dollars11:59pmThis is the last day you can access any healthcare flexible spending account dollars you designated for the account for 2023 with the health spending debit card. Balances must be below the set carry-over rate for the calendar year. All balances above the carry-over rate will be forfeited.Flexible Spending Page
Tuesday, January 30, 2024Last Day to Submit Reimbursement Requests Towards 2023 FSAs
11:59pmCigna allows 30 days after the previous tax year to file any reimbursement requests towards the 2023 FSA accounts. This allows you to claim from any remaining balances in the account. This deadline pertains to both 2023 Healthcare FSA and 2023 Dependent Care FSA.Flexible Spending Page