Frisco Community Star Award

About the Award

The Social Services and Housing Board established the Community Star Award to acknowledge the extraordinary and socially-responsible actions of individuals, groups, and businesses contributing to the well-being of Frisco residents.


Anyone may nominate an individual or business who deserves recognition for contributing back to the community. Please return the nomination form by emailing the Community Development Supervisor. Eligibility will be verified by city staff as soon as possible and the nominee will be presented to the Social Services and Housing Board for approval.

The Award Criteria is as follows:

1. The nominee demonstrated a positive community impact beyond the normal course of business.

2. The nominee made a considerable contribution to the well-being of the City of Frisco over a significant period of time.

3. The nominee did not receive payment or other remuneration for the act.

4. The nominated action was not previously recognized.

5. The nominee and action did not take sides in matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction.

6. The nomination is not a commercial endorsement or solicitation of funds.

7. The nominee resides and/or operates a business in the City of Frisco. In instances where the nominee is a business, this requirement maybe waived at the discretion of Social Services or City Council.

Past Winners

5th Street Patio Café was recognized as the first recipient of the Community Star Award in March 2016.

5th Street is being recognized for providing free Thanksgiving meals to anyone in need or who was alone during the Thanksgiving holidays the past two years. Although 5th Street employees were encouraged to spend the holiday at home, the owners, Kristy McDonald, Greg McDonald and Tamme Leff, along with their families and many of the 5th Street team, spent the day feeding anyone who came to the café with an appetite.

The Frisco Giving Tree was recognized in May 2016. The Frisco Giving tree is an organization made up of Frisco residents devoted to quietly making a difference for neighbors in need. Over the past three years, the Frisco Giving Tree has given more than $95,000 to help fellow Frisco residents in need.