Wellness Program

The 2022-2023 Wellness year ends on 10/31/2023. Asset Health will accept all wellness actions dated between 11/1/2022 - 10/31/2023.

Visit this site for more updates on the 2023-2024 wellness year soon!

Below is information about our wellness year ending 10/31/2023:

Asset Health is the City’s Wellness Administrator

The City partners with Asset Health to bring enhancements to the Wellness Program. Asset Health brings a new user experience that is easy to use, offers fun and interactive resources that promote healthy choices, and will clearly track rewards and incentives as they are earned. 

Employees can log in to their Healthy Here Asset Health Wellness portal online 

2024 Incentives to Earn:

  • $20 per paycheck off your medical premium for meeting or improving in three of the five Healthy Measures
  • $45 per paycheck off your medical premium for testing Tobacco/Cotinine-Free 
  • Up to $800 for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) - one time deposit on 1/1/2024

Who is eligible to participate in the Wellness Program?

Employees enrolled in one of the City’s medical plans are eligible to participate. New Hires have a separate, but similar Wellness Program offered to them. If you are a new employee with the City, please view our New Hire Wellness Program Page.

Uniformed Fire and Police Employees:

Uniformed Fire and Police complete their biometric screening through their annual physical with the City's Provider. Biometric screening results and tobacco status are reported securely and directly to Asset Health. Please allow up to three weeks from the date of the physical for the information to be updated on the Asset Health wellness portal.

How to get Started:

Employees will need to login to their Healthy Here Asset Health Wellness portal. Their wellness portal will indicate what wellness actions are needed in order to earn incentives. 

Employee’s first-time user Login information is as followed (everything is lowercase):

  • Username: first initial of first name + last name + last 4 digits of SSN (example: Jane Doe would have a username of jdoe9999)
  • Temporary password: your last name and 4-digit birth year (example: doe1970)

Asset Health Mobile App:

Once you have your online account set up with your login credentials, you can also download the Asset Health Mobile Application. The mobile application allows you to sync to Apple Devices.

See specific instructions about downloading the application: Asset Health Mobile App and Apple Sync

Reasonable Alternative Standards to Earning Incentives:

To earn one, two, or all of the incentives offered for the next calendar year, employees must complete wellness actions by the deadline of October 31. 

*To earn HRA dollars for the next calendar year, you must submit biometric screening results to Asset Health by the deadline. You can continue to complete Asset Health's additional activities (courses, challenges, steps, etc) to earn additional HRA, but all this is contingent that you submit biometric results to Asset Health. Review our Biometric Screening Page to view options for getting this completed.

Asset Health offers specific Reasonable Alternative Standards (RAS) for those who submitted biometric results that did not reach at least three of the five health measures. There is also a RAS for those who tested positive for tobacco (cotinine). Employees are also welcomed to complete a RAS if they want to max out the HRA dollars that can be earned specifically from the health measure missed from their biometric screening.

A RAS is offered as another opportunity for employees to earn wellness incentives. However, this requires employees to submit their biometric screening and tobacco(cotinine) results earlier within the wellness year. The closer we reach October 31, the less time an employee has to complete a RAS to earn incentives for the next calendar year.

Login to your Healthy Here Asset Health Wellness portal online to view the RAS program requirements.

Wellness Program Documents