Fire Permit Guidelines

Permit Submittal Guidelines

Frisco Fire Prevention Office is dedicated to providing residents, contractors and businesses an efficient plan submittal and review process.  A permit is required for any of the following including, but not limited to: Fire Alarm, Commercial or Residential Sprinkler, Underground Fire Mains, Access Control Systems, Hood Suppression Systems, Storage Tanks, Fireworks, Emergency Responder Radio Coverage or Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems. 

Effective September 27, 2021, Frisco Fire Prevention Office has a new Electronic Review Service. 

Electronic Plan Review
Create an account today to submit your permit applications. 

This service provides 24 hour access to:

  • Submit permit applications ad electronic plans with all required documents.
  • Obtain plan review comments and permit status updates.
  • Pay permit fees (see schedule of fees.) 

Required Documentation

All plans will be review in accordance with the ordinances adopted by the City of Frisco.  The following must be submitted with all Fire Permit applications for review.  The minimum submittal shall consist of the following:  

  • A copy of the applicable State Registration Certificate for the responsible agency and/or design professional.
  • Plans signed and dated by the appropriate state licensed design professional.
  • All specifications and calculation related to the submittal.
  • Any other pertinent documentation. 

Naming of the files is important for the new system. The naming convention guidelines must be followed.  

Getting Started/Quick Reference Process

1. Create and account

2. Complete an electronic Fire Permit application.

3. Submittal reviewed for accuracy.

  1. If accurate, the plans will b accepted for review.
  2. If missing information, you will  receive an email.

4. Once the submittal is Accepted for Review, the application begins Department Review.

5. Permit is reviewed and an email will be sent either "Approved" or "Revise and Resubmit" 

6. Once "Approved", an email will be sent for the Permit Fees to be paid.

7. Once paid, a link will be sent to download Approved documents. 

Once the project is ready or inspection, request an inspection at

Contact a representative with Fire Prevention at 972-292-6320 or [email protected] with any questions. 

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