Lawn & Garden

There are many aspects to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. Find information about water conscience sustainable care. New to North Texas or Gardening? Check out this Newcomer's Guide to Gardening.

Aeration Opens in new windowAerating

Aerating allows air, water, and nutrients to more easily penetrate and mix into our North Texas heavy clay soils.

Soil and Amendments Opens in new windowSoil & Amendments

Gardening in the clay soil of North Central Texas can be challenging. Learn more about how to work with your soil here.

Rainwater Harvesting Opens in new windowRainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting allows you to store water for your lawn and garden for when it is needed the most.

PruningShears Opens in new windowTree Care

Taking proper care of your trees is important to encourage healthy growth and flowering, and looking their best.