Life Insurance

Basic Employer Life Insurance and AD&D

The City of Frisco provides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance at no cost to you. Enrollment is automatic. The coverage amount is $50,000 for all non-uniformed employees and $150,000 for uniformed Fire and Police employees.

In addition, as part of the Texas Municipal Retirement System, TMRS-eligible employees have one time their annual salary of life insurance coverage. This is also known as a supplemental death benefit.

Voluntary Life Insurance

Benefit eligible employees may elect Voluntary Life Insurance provided by The Hartford. Voluntary life benefits can be elected for the employee, the employee’s legal spouse, and/or eligible dependent children up to the age of 26.

Voluntary Employee Life Insurance

Voluntary employee life coverage can be up to a maximum of $250,000 in $10,000 increments. Employees in their new hire enrollment period may elect up to $250,000 without an Evidence of Insurability form (EOI). Employees who do not make this election during their new hire enrollment period will be required to submit an EOI if they choose to add or increase coverage in the following years. The Hartford will reach out and contact employees who need to complete an EOI for the coverage they elect.

Spouse Life Insurance

Benefit eligible employees may elect Spouse Life Insurance provided by the Hartford. Spouse life benefits can only be elected if Voluntary Employee life insurance coverage is elected. The amount of coverage elected for Spouse life cannot exceed the amount of coverage elected for Voluntary Employee life coverage.
Employees can elect up to $50,000 in spouse life coverage under Guaranteed Issue rules. No Evidence of insurability (EOI) form is required for amounts at or below $50,000.
However, coverage amounts between $60,000-$250,000 will require the completion of an EOI. The Hartford will reach out and contact employees who need to complete an EOI prior to the approval of the amount.

To calculate the rates for Voluntary Employee and Spouse Life Insurance:

The rates for Life insurance are calculated based off of the Employee’s age. Spouse rates for Spouse life insurance are strictly based off of the Employee age and not the spouse age.

Life Coverage Amount / $1,000 = $ Covered Units x Age Banded Rate = Amount Per Pay Period cost

Age BandRate
Less than 30.0415
30 to 34.05
35 to 39.0585
40 to 44.075
45 to 49.108
50 to 54.1575
55 to 59.241
60 to 64.399
65 to 69.648
70 plus1.095

Example: Jane Doe will be 42 years old by 1/1/19. She elects $150,000 for her Life coverage amount. Her amount per pay period cost for the coverage will be $11.75 due to the calculation: $150,000 / $1000 = $150 x 075 = $11.75 per pay period cost

Child Life Insurance

Benefit eligible employees may elect either $5,000 ($0.90 per paycheck) or $10,000 ($1.80 per paycheck) in coverage for eligible dependent children below the age 26. Voluntary Employee Life coverage must be elected in order to cover dependent children

Benefit Reductions:

The cost per paycheck for the coverage amount is based off the Employee’s age.  The actual benefit and life coverage amount does not start reducing until the employee reaches a certain age. See table below for age, reduction percentage, and examples:

Employee’s Age% ReductionExample
7035%$100,000 in Life coverage reduces down to $65,000
7560%$100,000 in Life coverage reduces down to $40,000
8075%$100,000 in Life coverage reduces down to $25,000
8585%$100,000 in Life coverage reduces down to $15,000

 All coverage cancels at retirement. When an employee decides to leave employment with the City of Frisco, he or she has the option of also port or convert their life insurance coverage. Please see the documentation for more information and contact HR if this is something that interests you.

Additional Life insurance Benefits

With the Hartford Life and AD&D coverage, employees have access to tools and resources the Hartford provides. Sometimes life is unpredictable and it can be difficult to manage the stress of planning for the future and protecting your family.

Employees have access to the Hartford’s Beneficiary Assist Program, Estate and Will planning, Funeral planning concierge, and travel assistance. More information about these benefits can be found in the document section.

Life and AD&D Documents