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Welcome to Public Art 

The Art in the Atrium Exhibition showcases selected works by area artists.  

See Art in the Atrium page for details.


David Hickman's Harvest Game with a friendArt and culture are important elements in the City of Frisco's growth and development as a community where people come to live, work, play, and grow. Public art strengthens our community’s cultural identity, especially in the development of new capital projects.

In 2002, the Frisco City Council passed an ordinance establishing Frisco’s Public Art Program. Frisco’s Ordinance calls for a percentage of Capital Project Funds to be used to commission public art. Known as “Percent for Art,” this tool is already used by more than 350 cities, states and public agencies across the country.

The Ordinance also called for the development of a Public Art Master Plan. In 2003, the City hired Via Partnership to develop a Master Plan that identifies guidelines for the public art program, specific public art opportunities, and supporting community programs. The Frisco City Council appointed a Public Art Committee to oversee the development of the plan. By 2004, the City Council approved the Public Art Master Plan.

Appointed by the City Council, a citizen Public Art Board oversees the implementation of the Public Art Program. Working with City staff this Board advises the Council on the commissioning of public art in our parks, at our facilities and along our roads.


The mission of the City of Frisco Public Art Program is to promote cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality in Frisco, Texas by integrating the work of artists into public places, civic infrastructure and private development.


- To further the development and awareness of, and interest in, the visual arts

- To integrate the design work of artists into the development of Frisco’s capital infrastructure improvements

- To create an enhanced, interactive visual environment for Frisco residents

- To commemorate Frisco’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity

- To promote and encourage public and private art programs

- To promote tourism and economic vitality in Frisco through the artistic enhancement of public spaces.


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