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Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee 

The City Council appointed the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) to assist staff and the consultant with updating the Comprehensive Plan.  



Stakeholder representatives (5)Tony Felker, Chamber of Commerce
Michael Gfeller, Parks & Recreation Board Member
Jaime Ronderos, Frisco Economic Development
Richard Wilkinson, Frisco Independent School District
Rick Williamson, Planning & Zoning Commission


Former CPAC Members (4)

Stan Brasuell
Baxter Brinkmann
John Hamilton, Jr. - Vice Chair
Robert Ouellette


Citizens and business representatives (14)

Clint Bedsole
Chad Brubaker
Debby Clark
Steve Cone
Aaron Fletcher
Rick Fletcher
Stephen Hulsey
Chris Moss
Kurt North
Bruce Quinnell
Lynn Slaney-Silguero
Jeffrey Stinson
Edward Szczebak
Dave Wilcox - Chair



SCHEDULE & Documents


City Liaison:

John Lettelleir, Director of Development Services

Share your ideas about planning for the future of Frisco:

Submit your comments on the principles and strategies that will be a part of the chapters.  We will be posting items for your input to the online discussion board as the chapters are drafted. 

Place-Making & Resiliency - Successful “place‐making” is creating a distinctly memorable place that engages people. “Resiliency” is ensuring that a place will continue to be desirable in comparison with other areas, maintaining and even increasing in value over time and through economic cycles.

Public Health & Safety - For more than a decade, the Frisco City Council has stated as one its Strategic Focus Areas a desire to “…provide quality programs and services which promote community well-being.” The concept of well-being encompasses aspects such as health, happiness, safety, comfort, and prosperity, and focuses not only on the health of the body, but on the health of the mind and the fulfillment of the individual. The influence of a city on some of these factors is limited, but a municipality can directly affect other factors. 



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Comprehensive Plan Update

2006 Comprehensive Plan


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