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Carver Governance Policy 

Frisco City Council 2012 - 2013 group photo

Frisco City Council 2012 - 2013


The City Council of the City of Frisco has adopted the Policy Governance® model of governance in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Following is a description of the Policy Governance® model reprinted from the www.carvergovernance.com website, edited only to reference the Frisco City Council in lieu of generic ‘board’ references. All material is reprinted from and used with the expressed consent of Carver Governance Design, Inc.

Policy Governance® Defined
Policy Governance® in a Nutshell
[1] The City Council job
[2] On behalf of some ownership
[3] To see to it
[4] Achieves what it should
[5] Avoids what is unacceptable

City of Frisco, Texas
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