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My street light is out or flickers on and off. How do I get it repaired?
Report the problem to 972-292-5800, supply the address and electric provider (if known) for your neighborhood and we will notify the correct company for repairs. The majority of street lights in Frisco are owned and maintained by either CoServ Electric or TXU Electric Delivery.

My sidewalk needs repair. Who does this?
The City of Frisco's criteria for sidewalk repair is: A measurable trip hazard of 1" or greater. No spalling or cosmetic problems are addressed unless they cause a trip hazard.

Where is my customer shut-off for the water to my house?
It is usually located near your house in the front flower beds, but you will need to call a professional plumber out to your home to determine the exact location of the shut-off.

What do I do if I think the reading for my water meter is incorrect?
Contact City Hall at 972-292-5800 to have someone come out to test the meter.

What should I do if my sewer is backing up?
If it is during normal business hours, immediately contact the Sewer Department at 972-335-5520. If it is after normal business hours, or no one answers at the main number, call the non-emergency Police number: 972-292-6010. A Sewer Crew will be dispatched to the address.

Can sewer gas enter my home from City sewer lines?
Sewer gas can enter a building when the water located in a trap in the building evaporates. All fixtures that are connected to the sewer system must have traps on them. The water normally retained in the trap forms a barrier, keeping the gases from migrating from the sewer lines into the building.

Where does Frisco get its water?
The City of Frisco purchases its water from the North Texas Municipal Water District. NTMWD’s main source of water comes from Lake Lavon.

Who do I call if I am experiencing low or high pressure water issues in my home?
Call the Water Division of the Public Works Department at 972-292-5800 during normal business hours. If it is after normal business hours, For non-emergency services after hours, call Police Dispatch at 972-292-6010. If necessary, a water crew will be dispatched to your home.

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