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Drought and Emergency Response Plan 

The Drought and Emergency Response Plan was developed in consultation with the North Texas Municipal Water District, the city’s wholesale water supplier. The purpose of this section of the Water Management Plan is to conserve the available water supply and protect public health, welfare, and safety in times of drought and emergencies.

The purpose of this drought and emergency response plan is:

- To conserve the available water supply in times of drought and emergency.
- To maintain supplies for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection.
- To protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety.
- To minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortages.
- To minimize the adverse impacts of emergency water supply conditions.  

What is a drought?
A drought is defined as an extended period of time when an area receives insufficient amounts of rainfall to replenish the water supply, causing water supply sources, in this case reservoirs, to be depleted. In the absence of drought response measures, water demands tend to increase during a drought due to the need for additional outdoor irrigation. The severity of a drought depends on the degree of depletion of supplies and on the relationship of demand to available supplies. The NTMWD considers a drought to end when all of its supply reservoirs refill to the conservation storage pool.

What is a water emergency?
A water emergency may occur when the NTMWD’s supply source becomes contaminated or when the NTMWD’s water supply system is unable to deliver water due to the failure or damage of major water system components. A water emergency in Frisco may occur when an adequate volume of water at adequate pressure cannot meet normal water demands. 

Forms of Public Education and Outreach
- A public bulletin describing the plan will be available at city hall and other appropriate locations.
- Information about the drought and emergency response plan will be available on the city’s web site.
- Staff will be available for local organizations, schools, and civic groups to make presentations on the 
  drought and emergency response section of the Water Management Plan.
- The City of Frisco will notify local media of the issues and the specific actions required of the public.
- Bill inserts will be sent to water customers.
- The City of Frisco cable channel will provide information.
- Email alerts will be sent to those who have signed up to receive “Waterwise Emails.”

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