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Stage Four 

The Stage 4 goal is a reduction of whatever amount is necessary. If circumstances warrant, or if required by NTMWD, the city manager or the official designee can set a goal for a greater water use reduction. 

Lake Lavon or Lake Chapman fall below 35 percent capacity of NTMWD’s total conservation pool capacity.
See full list possible conditions
Conservation Measures
-Continue or initiate any actions available under Stages 1, 2, and 3.

-Notify wholesale customers of actions being taken and request them to implement similar procedures.

-Implement viable alternative water supply strategies.

-Prohibit the irrigation of new landscaping.

-Prohibit washing of vehicles except as necessary for health, sanitation, or safety reasons.

-Prohibit all landscape watering, except that soaker hoses, drip/bubbler systems, or hand-held hoses may be used to water trees up to two hours per week or foundations as necessary, and the minimum necessary watering to maintain public safety at parks and athletic fields.  Smart irrigation systems are not exempt from this requirement.

-Prohibit golf course watering with treated water except for greens and tee boxes.

-Prohibit the permitting of private pools.  Pools already permitted may be completed and filled with water.  Existing private and public pools may add water to maintain pool levels but may not be drained and refilled.

-Prohibit all underground construction and trenching in the vicinity of the City of Frisco water system and water use related to any construction activity.

-Require all commercial water users to reduce water use by a percentage established by the city manager, or the official designee.

-If NTMWD has imposed a reduction in water available to member cities and customers, impose the same percent reduction on wholesale customers.

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