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Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Now is the perfect time to make sure that your home is prepared for the cold temperatures ahead. Most lawns and landscaping require little or no water in the fall and winter. Grasses go dormant this time of year, and the natural amount of rainfall is usually sufficient.

In Frisco, over-seeding and watering cool season grasses such as rye or other similar grasses are not permitted. Watering with an automatic sprinkler system is permitted once per week on your residential trash day, but only if necessary.  

The best thing you can do is simplyTURN OFF your sprinkler system.

Tips to Winterize Your Home and Landscape

--Set automatic sprinklers to the ‘OFF’ position.
Turning your sprinkler system ‘OFF’ will prevent run-off water from freezing onto streets or sidewalks
   during freezing weather conditions. It is also a good time to make sure that your rain and freeze sensor
   is working properly.

--Spread mulch in your garden and flower beds.
 Layering 2-4 inches of mulch will help protect plants from freezing, and don’t forget to move your
   potted plants inside.

--Check your pool equipment to make sure it is working properly.
Install a freeze protector on your pool to help prevent pool equipment from breaking during freezing

--Wrap exposed pipes.
Visit a local home improvement store to find pipe insulators and outdoor faucet covers.

--Know where your water meter and main shut off valve are located.
  This can be shut off to avoid water damage before leaving for a prolonged period of time.

--Never use a blow torch or flame to thaw pipes.
The use of a hot air dryer or even a light bulb over a period of time will solve the problem.

--If you experience a broken pipe or a frozen service line:
Shut off the valve next to the water meter and contact the Public Works Department at (972) 292-5800.


Need help adjusting your sprinkler system controller for fall and winter?  

Schedule a FREE sprinkler system checkup with one of the city’s licensed irrigation specialists. A 30-45 minute checkup can save you money and help you identify sprinkler system inefficiencies that may have popped up during the summer. A walk-through evaluation of your system may identify clogged, misaligned, or broken sprinkler heads, as well as broken pipes and hidden leaks.

To schedule a free checkup, send an email to waterwise@friscotexas.gov. Please include your name, address, and phone number with your email request.



Fall Seasonal Landscape Tips

Fall’s milder weather and seasonal rainfall is the perfect time to adjust your sprinkler system controller or simply leave it in the ‘OFF’ position. Lawns and landscaping require little or no water in the fall and winter. Grass naturally goes dormant, and its green color will fade.

Fall Project Tips for Autumn Leaves

- Insulate dormant plants during the colder months.
Pile leaves around the plants you want to protect.

- Retain moisture around plants and beds.
When dry leaves break down they produce leaf mold, a
rich, natural compost that seals in moisture.

- Spruce up hanging baskets.
Slip colorful fall leaves in between the liner and the tines of
the basket.

- Leave the rake behind.
Mow fallen leaves into your lawn for nutrient-rich compost for your lawn and trees.

- Make impressions in concrete pavers.
Mix fast-drying concrete, pour it into a pizza box and press leaves into the wet concrete. When it's completely dry,
take it out of the box and pull out the leaves. Voilà–homemade pavers for your garden!


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