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Residential Recycling Services 

Provided by
Progressive Waste Solutions

Service Includes:
*Once-a-week pick-up (see map for collection day )

*Same day pickup as your trash pickup day 95 gallon blue collection cart

*Long list of acceptable items

cari_cart“Do your part, use the recycling cart.”  recycling_cart

Recycling is easy in the City of Frisco. Follow these steps and we’ll do the rest:

* Roll out your cart for service.

* Place cart at least three (3) feet away from any obstacles.

* Read directions on the lid.

* Place recyclable items, which are illustrated on the lid, in your cart -- not the trash. (See lid illustration below)

lid imprint 06

There is no need to remove caps on bottles and jars.

Rinse out or empty products before placing in the cart.

“DO” Recycle in the blue cart:

Aluminum and Steel Cans
Cereal and Dry Food boxes
Glass (colored and white)
Greeting cards
*NEW!*  Plastic grocery bags (individual, not bundled)

Junk mail
Paper (colored and white)
Phone books
Plastic Bottles and Containers
Shredded paper
*NEW!* Waxed cartons (i.e. soup, broth, soymilk, juice, etc)


“DON’T” Recycle in the blue cart:

Aluminum foil
Aerosol cans
Ceramic cookware
Common household hazardous waste (includes paint, automotive, pesticide and pool chemical containers. For free disposal, contact our HCD coordinator at
(972) 292-5913.

Packing Peanuts
Pizza boxes (oily)
Tissue Paper

Don't want to wait for collection day?
Use our Environmental Collection Center, click here for details.

Appliance and Metal Recycling Collection

Call Environmental Services at (972) 292-5900 to schedule a Thursday pickup. Appointments must be made before 12 p.m. on Wednesday to receive service within the same work week.

Place the item at your regular trash and recycling pickup location (alley or curbside) on your scheduled Thursday morning before 7 a.m. There will be a $15 charge added to your next utility bill for metal or appliance collection.

Items designated for this service include:

Old Appliances: stoves, washing machines, water tank heaters (Please note: Refrigerators, freezers, and water coolers must be tagged “freon-free” by a certified technician or a $40 freon extraction fee will be added to your next utility bill), Metal Grills, Basketball Poles (Must be unattached from a weighted base), and Lawnmowers (Must be free of gasoline and oil).

*All items collected through this program are recycled. 

Cardboard Recycling
* Remove contents (including plastic wrap, packing paper and Styrofoam)
* Flatten
* Place inside blue recycling cart

Too many moving boxes to fit in the cart? Call us at 972-292-5900 to schedule a Saturday pickup.
* Flatten, tie and bundle
* Place at regular trash and recycling pickup location (alley or curbside)

Yard Trimmings Recycling
Grass clippings and yard debris should not be placed in your recycling or trash cart. Residents can place up to 10 bags/bundles out for collection each week.

Pick Up Guidelines:
grass, leaves, plants, small cuttings
Use paper bags (Plastic bags are not accepted)
Place three feet away from your cart on your regularly scheduled pick up day.
Paper bags may be purchased at local grocery, hardware stores.

tree limbs
*Cut into three foot lengths.
*Tie and bundle with maximum weight not to exceed thirty (30) pounds.
*Place three feet away from your carts on your regularly scheduled service day.

Wood Pallets and Untreated Fencing
Wood pallets and untreated fencing are no longer accepted on regular trash day and are now a part of the Large Item Collection. Collection limited to one pallet or one six foot section of fencing per month. Must be free of concrete and dirt. Call us at 972-292-5900 to schedule a Saturday Bulk Pickup.

Unacceptable material
Tree stumps, roots or shrubs with intact root balls, dirt, soil and concrete

Too much to handle?
Paid pick up is available. Call Progressive at 469-452-8000 to arrange for a quote.
Free “do-it-yourself” disposal available at the Custer Road Transfer Station.

Christmas Tree Recycling
Remove supports, electrical wiring, ornaments, nails and tinsel.

* Place tree at least three feet away from your trash and recycling carts on your regularly scheduled collection day.

* Trees must be 5 feet and/or 60 lbs. or smaller. If the tree is over 5 feet or 60 lbs., it must be cut into sections less than 5 feet or less than 60 lbs.

* Do not cover trees with a plastic bag, as this will prevent pick up.

* Flocked trees (trees with the white snow spray material) are not acceptable in this program. These flocked trees can be collected for a $10 charge by arranging pickup directly through Progressive at 469-452-8000.

* Do-It-Yourself disposal is also available for all trees at the Custer Road Transfer Station

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