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Traffic Unit 

The Traffic Unit is the department’s specialized unit that focuses solely on traffic enforcement, accident investigation, commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE), and investigates and prosecutes hit and run accidents. 

Commercial Vehicle EnforcementThe unit is comprised of one sergeant and eight officers.  Of the eight officers, four are assigned to the Motors Unit and utilize police model Harley Davidson motorcycles for traffic enforcement.  The remaining four officers assigned to the unit are split between day and night shift assignments utilizing the ubiquitous police model Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicle.

All of the personnel assigned to the Traffic Unit receive specialized, in-depth training into accident investigation and reconstruction.  Moreover, six of the officers have received training from the Texas Department of Public Safety on commercial vehicle enforcement. 

For more information on the Traffic Unit or to request specialized traffic enforcement in identified areas throughout the city, please contact Sergeant Ryan Moore at 972.292.6169.

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