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Citizens on Patrol 

The Frisco Police Department sponsors and supervises an all volunteer law enforcement-affiliated program known as Frisco Citizens on Patrol (COPs).  The primary mission of Frisco COPs is to enhance the individual/collective safety and general welfareFrisco COPs of all people in The City of Frisco by assisting the Frisco Police Department in deterring and detecting crime. 

The Frisco COPs program has not only proven to be an effective community policing tool, but also a vital asset to local homeland security efforts.  Frisco COPs members are highly active within the organization and derive a great deal of satisfaction from their service to the police department and community.

Frisco Citizens on Patrol (COPs) is a non-profit organization registered together with Frisco Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association and Frisco Neighborhood Watch under the umbrella of Frisco Community Service Organizations, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Frisco COPs is an officially registered and recognized Volunteers in Police Service Program and a member of the National Association of Citizens on Patrol

Frisco COPs members utilize high visibility patrols throughout the city, acting as “eyes and ears” for the police department.  This visible presence has been a proven and effective method for both deterring and detecting criminal activity. 

Furthermore, through continual training provided by the Frisco Police Department, COPs Squadthese volunteers become skilled observers who quickly recognize circumstances which require the attention of law enforcement and/or other emergency first-responders.  In addition to high visibility patrols, Frisco COPs member also provide traffic control assistance at special events, conduct speed radar surveys, skywatch tower observation, and crime alert card notifications.

Frisco COPs Recruiting

Are you a highly motivated individual looking to make an impact in your community?  If so, then the Frisco Citizens on Patrol may be for you.  COPs is currently accepting applications for new members to this unique volunteer organization. 

For information on the requirements to become a Frisco COPs volunteer, please visit www.FriscoCOPs.org and click on the "Become a Member" link.  If you have any questions regarding the requirements or the upcoming 2011 academy dates for new volunteers, please click on the "Contact Us" link on the COPs web site.

Additional Information

For more information on the Frisco Citizens on Patrol (COPs) program, please contact Sergeant Brad Merritt at 972.292.6155, the police department's COPs liaison, or visit the Frisco COPs web site at www.FriscoCOPs.org

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