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Residential Green Building 


Residential Green Building Program has been incorporated into Building Codes.  

As of January 1, 2014, the minimum standards for energy efficiency in Frisco are as adopted in Ordinance 13-10-69. This law provides for three recognized methods for compliance and includes additional mandatory provisions for indoor air quality, water conservation, and Inspector Quality Assurance. All methods are approximately 15% above the state minimum standard.



Frisco’s citizens consistently express a desire for the City to foster the development of neighborhoods with discernable quality and uniqueness.  Frisco’s Green Building Program standards were developed and modified over time in a collaborative effort between citizens, developers, business owners, and elected and appointed officials. Frisco’s Green Building program includes hundreds of hours of stakeholder meetings, resulting in a broad commitment to creating a distinctive, “green” community.    

A great amount of attention has been giving to updates of energy code over the last four code cycles. This includes new versions of the International Energy Consecration Code, ASHRAE 62.2 and Energy Star. What Frisco previously considered “Green Building” has been incorporated as minimum code by the International Code Council.  This includes minimum standards for fresh air, air sealing of building envelopes, insulation values and construction methods of a homes thermal resistance. The above code ‘low hanging fruit’ no longer exist.  The most significant changes that will come in the future of energy codes will be in the technology of building materials rather the construction practices. The ICC has developed a Green Building Code that is goes well beyond building science into ecologic effects of development as a whole.

Based on these facts and the desire of the building community to have additional option for compliance, our Residential Green Building Program was evaluated by a group of homes energy raters and subsequently by the building community.  The changes that they proposed were incorporated into the adoption of the 2012 International Residential Code.  Although there is no longer a separate program for incorporating Green Building into our community, it is still our goal to be above the minimum requirements for energy efficiency, air quality and water conservation.



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