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P&Z on Feb 10, 2015

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Planning for the future of Frisco

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Abraham Lincoln


DRAFT 2015 Comprehensive Plan


Draft Plan (1/25/15 files, to be amended):



Next Steps:

At their 1/28/15 meeting, the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) voted to recommend the 2015 Comprehensive Plan to the Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z), as amended.

The amendments to the draft will be incorporated and a public hearing will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, to
consider and act upon making a recommendation to the
City Council for adoption of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan.

If approved by the P&Z, the Plan will be scheduled for a
City Council meeting in March.



“It’s very important that we hear from our citizens and businesses - their thoughts, ideas and suggestions in
updating our Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the city’s roadmap to creating the future.”

- John Lettelleir, Director of Development Services



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