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Strategic Priorities for the Future of Frisco

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July 28 @ 6 PM
Frisco City Hall, McCallum Room
(4th Floor)



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History - 2006 & Previous Plans

Purpose & Goals of 2014/2015 Update

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee


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Planning for the future of Frisco

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Abraham Lincoln

The city is updating the Comprehensive Plan, which
guides how our community develops in the years ahead.
Public involvement is an important part of this effort, so
interested individuals and organizations are encouraged
to learn more about the project and become involved in
shaping a successful future for the Frisco community.


Updating the Plan, Process Overview

PHASE ONE is defining the community vision for
the future of Frisco.
Your ideas, knowledge and
perspectives make important contributions to the
future of Frisco. Many different stakeholders – property
owners, residents, business owners, community
organizations, and public agencies – will make the
decisions and investments that will implement this plan
and achieve its vision. All stakeholders and interested
individuals can contribute to the success of this process.

Share your ideas on:

Water Resources -  How should Frisco residents & businesses manage limited water resources?

Higher Education - Should Frisco seek a university
campus or center? If so, where?

Dallas North Tollway - Should future development
along the Dallas North Tollway (DNT) form a 'spine' of
more intense uses?

State Highway 121 - What uses and developments
would you like to see along SH 121 in Frisco?

US Highway 380 - What uses and developments would
you like to see along US Highway 380 in Frisco?

Preston Road - Should there be changes to the Overlay
District that guides development along Preston Road
in Frisco?

Walking or Biking in Frisco - What Frisco
destinations should residents be able to walk or bike to? 
Share a photo of the best walking/biking destinations.


PHASE TWO (now underway) will determine strategies to help achieve that preferred future. Several alternatives
will be considered before developing final
recommendations. Strategies will be posted online for
community discussion and additional open houses will
be held throughout the community. Phase Two activities
will take place in the late summer and early fall.

PHASE THREE will include the review and adoption
of the updated Plan
(late winter/early spring 2015).


“It’s very important that we hear from our citizens and
businesses - their thoughts, ideas and suggestions in
updating our Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan
is the city’s roadmap to creating the future.”

- John Lettelleir, Director of Development Services

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