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Food Safety - Food Service Requirements and Complaint Reporting 

Food Service Requirements

1. What are the requirements of food service employees?
The City of Frisco requires that one (1) Certified Food Protection Manager (as approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services) is on site during all times of operation of a business. It is highly recommended, though not mandatory, for each food establishment employee to have completed a Certified Food Handler’s Course. Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services for a Certified Food Manager Class near you.

2. Does Frisco offer Food Safety Classes?
The City offers Food Safety Classes on concession stand food service only. This class is mandatory for workers and volunteers of area concession stands. This is a non-certified class, approximately 2 ½ hours long. Anyone interested in this class may contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or e-mail health@friscotexas.gov. Food Safety Classes are updated regularly.  Please download the Food Safety Classes.  Other training opportunities are posted here as they are known and available.

3. Who is required to obtain a health permit?
A health permit is required for businesses selling perishable foods, whether pre-packaged or non-prepackaged. If in doubt, please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or e-mail health@friscotexas.gov. Losing business due to closure by Health & Food Safety is not profitable. This includes concession stands, grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, churches, daycares, mobile units and temporary vendors. Each may have specific requirements. Please see links located at the left-hand sidebar of this page. ATTENTION TEMPORARY VENDORS - There are strict requirements by Health & Food Safety regarding outdoor activities, special events, parades, festivals, temporary engagements and parties. Applications must be received no later than ten (10) business days prior to an event. Although we strive to review each submittal quickly, approvals will be delayed if incomplete or missing information is not included.  Please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or e-mail health@friscotexas.gov for information or to answer any questions.

4. How can I obtain a Health Permit?
When taking over an existing business or bringing a new business to Frisco, a plan review may be required and a minimum of one Health Inspection is required at the place of business by Health & Food Safety prior to takeover or opening. A Health Inspection may be requested by calling Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304. Once the plan review is completed and approved and when the "Health Final" Inspection is completed and approved, you will be instructed to go to Development Services guest lobby to pay for the permit. You will be required to fill out a Health Permit Application with Addendum. Fees are due upon permit approval. A permit placard must be posted conspicuously at business.

5. Are private schools, public schools and daycares inspected?
Schools and daycares that serve food are inspected as a Food Establishment. This means the kitchen and all food-related areas are inspected, but we do not inspect any other areas.  Should you have a non food-related concern about a daycare business in this area, please contact Protective and Regulatory Services at 800-582-6036.

Food Complaints

1. Who do I call if I have a complaint on food establishments?
Please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or e-mail to health@friscotexas.gov to report complaints regarding food establishments within the City. Also, please report hazardous or unsanitary actions by employees of food establishments. Illnesses may also be contracted due to improper employee handling of food.

2. What do I do if I suspect I’ve contracted a food borne illness?
Go to a doctor. Please inform the doctor of every possible detail including:

- Time history of when foods were eaten
- Detail history of all food eaten (including condiments and ice)
- The place(s) food was obtained from

Follow your doctor’s recommendations and concentrate on getting well. If there is a positive test result of a food borne illness, please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304. (If you have seen a physician in Frisco, he/she will report this to Health & Food Safety too.)

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