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Application Procedures 

The City of Frisco accepts online applications for current openings only. All positions are subject to close without notice. Click here to access our current openings and to apply online.

*  Only candidates who meet the minimum job requirements will be hired.

*  Not all candidates are interviewed

*  Job offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen, reference and background checks, driving record checks, physical agility and physical exam, if applicable.

Note: You may not be able to enter an online application if your Active - X control is disabled.  Please follow the steps below to enable.

If Active-X control is not enabled, your browser will not temporarily save the information you entered so when you click Submit/Continue, the information in the fields are erased. You will receive a warning message to enable Active-X control, but if you have your pop-ups disabled, you may miss it displayed right beneath the URL address.

You can do the following before you fill out the resume profile and reset them afterwards if needed:

1. Enable pop-ups.

Via the Tools Menu: Pop-Up Blocker>>Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker Via Internet Options: Tools>>Internet Options>>Privacy>>Turn On Pop-Up Blocker (Uncheck)

2. Enable Active-X Control

Tools>>Internet Options>>Security tab>>Custom Level - Click on the Disable options (there is more than one) for Active-X.

If at any point an applicant is determined to meet any of the following automatic disqualifiers, the application process for the applicant automatically ceases:

*  Failure to meet the minimum qualifications necessary for performance of the duties of the    position involved;

*  Knowingly making a false statement on the application form or supplements thereto;

*  Committing or attempting to commit a fraudulent act at any stage of the selection process;

*  Possess a criminal conviction for which the City establishes as an exclusion for a justified   business necessity, refer to Criminal History Check policy;

*  Discharged from the armed forces under conditions other then honorable or general

*  An inability to obtain any license or permit required for the position;

*  Is not legally permitted to hold the position;

*  Has offered or attempted to offer money, service or any other thing of value to secure an advantage in the selection process; and/or

*  Is not able to perform the essential functions of the position.

Police Openings

After you have submitted your online application and passed all of the screening questions for a position with the Police Department you will be prompted to complete the Preliminary Interview Form.  If you do not receive the Preliminary Interview form in your emailed response you can access it by clicking here, PIF.

For Police and Communication positions, the Police Department retains the ability to cease the application process for various other disqualifiers, which are outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures.

An applicant may be disqualified from consideration upon other reasonable grounds relating to job requirements.

We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status, military or veteran status, the presence of medical condition, or any other legally protected status. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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