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Traffic Alerts 

With new infrastructure constantly being built in the City of Frisco, it is sometimes necessary to close all, or a portion of, a roadway in the interest of public safety, construction schedule, and construction economics.

Visit these resources for road closures on area roads and highways:
NTTA Traffic Conditions
TxDOT Roadway Conditions

Ongoing Road Projects
For more information on any long-term construction projects, please visit our monthly project update. This list of road closures will not include temporary lane closures as a result utility work, private construction, and routine maintenance.

Toyota Stadium Special Event Traffic
View a map detailing exit routes for traffic leaving large concerts and or special events hosted at Toyota Stadium. These routes are based on parking lots. Please remember, you will be forced to head in a certain direction depending which parking lot you are leaving. There are no exceptions.

We appreciate your patience! Leaving a concert or special event requires more time than it took you to get there since most people depart at once.


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